Glimpses of My September 2015 - Fargo

Family Documentary Photography | September 2015 | Fargo

This month started out with a little mini vacation.  One last hurrah I guess before the cold season is upon us to travel a little more lightly without packing all the extras.  

On the way be needed to stretch our legs a little and of course the playground equipment needed to be tested.

We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe!  I have been wanting to do this since college.

A kind person was generous enough to give my children unused ride tickets which were just enough for one ride each.  My daughter picked a crazy ride I would never go on, if I did I would be the dude that was screaming with mouth wide open.  The little guy picked the bumper cars to which he could barely touch the pedal.

The last big adventure for the weekend was the amusement park where my children actually got along for the day but were not amused by the bees all over the park preparing for winter.  They have a corn feed every time on Labor Day weekend but for some reason it slipped my mind to take pics.  I therefore decided to create my own little feed at home to commemorate that day.

Summer like days with hotel stays I will miss you!  But I am enjoying fall and all the beautiful warm color filled days.

This share is a part of a fantastic group of photographers.  Please visit Amy next as she shares her September.