At the beginning of the year

How the year began.

It had been decided that for the month we were going to share whatever it was that we felt like sharing and it bought me back to how the year began.

At Christmas time when I have a little extra time to think about the upcoming year I usually start with what kind of projects with photography I want to do for the year.  I think at this time it was just meant to be as I saw a call to participate in a all film 365.  It is challenging me and keeping me going on the hard days and here is why.

In March we had to say goodbye to our little Yorkie who had weaved her way into all our lives in immeasurable ways.  My children had her doing all that a playmate would do and here is the proof.

Boy and puppy nurse

As hard as that was and still is we have this new little addition. We are loving her and she keeps us busy with her antics.  Here she is in an image taken on film and one that I was ecstatic has been featured on a photography website. 

Boy and Yorkie puppy

So film and this little puppy are bringing much joy after a rocky start to the year.

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