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What is connection and detail photography?

I am sure that others may have a different idea of what I do and possibly call it lifestyle photography for me I like Connection and Details Photography.  Over the last year, I have really explored the kind of pictures that I want to take.  (So many genres to choose from).

When I first started I tried my hand at on location portraits.  Moved on to documentary photography where you are more of an observer.  It wasn't until I arrived at a middle ground where I truly felt at home.  So I have kind of made up my own genre and I call that Connection and Detail Photography.  

 A boy hugging his yorkie dog and looking into the film camera.

It started to all fall into place when, on a whim, I decided to try my hand at film photography.  I wanted to improve with the medium of film, so I took a beginning workshop for film photography.  When we got to the week on black and white film, I was smitten.  To this day the image shown here is one of my absolute favorites and it still resides on my wall.

I love a classic portrait with the details.  Details are important to me because on this journey of life, we are forever changing.  Moments pass to never be experienced in the same exact way again.  The details are important.  We change at an amazing rate.

I also love to see connection between loved ones with a little direction, but as organically as possible.  I feel this is precious and can bring you back to a feeling.  Connection is the heart of the family.  This is where you come in, because everyone has their own unique way that they interact with their loved ones.  It may be a look, laugh, or a touch, and it is all important.

 Mom holding her newborn and gazing into her eyes during a newborn session in Fargo.
 A Dad and his boys laughing and playing during a session in Texas.
 Detail shot of a six month old baby sucking her thumb.

Since this is my story I am including this with my group of talented photographers as we tell our stories this month.  Please visit Arthur as he tells his story.