Six Month Milestone - Fargo Children's Photographer

Being a six month old is just so awesome!

Want to know why?

Six month 's is such a huge milestone and the little one starts to show you a little more of their personality!  It is a great time in the little one's life to get some pictures taken.  They are doing more things such as sitting up and being more engaged in interacting with you.  They love the attention that you give to them and are intrigued with all the little things that you do.  They love to start exploring their environment around them at this time.  It's an exciting time for you as a parent.

I love that at this time this little one had ditched her pacifier and was totally using her thumb.  Something that just is totally adorable about her and a special memory to be had of this moment in her life journey.

 Baby sucking her thumb in window light.
 Baby sitting on the floor in her bedroom sucking her thumb.
 Detail shot of a six month old's mom holding her babies feet.
 Picture of a six month old baby sitting in her nursery.
Mindy SauvageauComment