The Art of Relaxed Portraits | Children's Portrait Photography Fargo

 Portrait of mom and son hugging.

I would like to tell you the story of how I like to take portraits.  To get relaxed portraits, I think that it starts with literally just having fun.  When you are in for pictures lets just hang out for a bit and let the little ones explore their environment.  You will begin to see in their body language when they are ready to venture out a bit.  Some children are ready right away but then others will take a little time and stay close to their parents.  I really do encourage that you bring an item that they love with them as it is a source of comfort.  Sometimes singing or bringing a book occupies them and they relax.

This is when you can begin to do the work and get many expressions.  I just want you to hang out and enjoy your time together.  I love big smiles and soulful looks where the child just looks into the camera.  A beautiful classic relaxed portrait is where it is at.

I shared my story of taking relaxed portraits and I hope you will join Beth as she has a share for you this month.  Once a month I join other photographers to share our journey.